Frequently Asked Questions

Does Furniture7™record and monitor incoming and outgoing calls and online chats?

Furniture7™ may record and monitor incoming and outgoing telephone, cellular, cordless, wireless, VOIP, all other voice calls, and online chats with you for customer service, reference, verification, accuracy, agreement enforcement and training purposes.  If you do not want Furniture7™   to record or monitor your calls and online chats; do not access or use the websites, do not become a customer, do not speak with us, or only communicate with us by email or in writing.

How does Furniture7™ and Progressive Leasing work?

Furniture7™ will sell you new products that you select from Furniture7™ website, where you either buy the products outright, or under a rent-to-own lease agreement with Progressive Leasing.

What are the general requirements to be eligible for leasing with Progressive Leasing?

Progressive Leasing determines the requirements for leasing. If eligible, Progressive Leasing purchases your products from Furniture7™, and you pay Progressive Leasing for them.  Under the Progressive Leasing’s lease, you make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments to acquire ownership of the leased goods.

Do I need to have good credit?

Progressive Leasing offers “no credit required” and “no credit needed” options, as well as "buy now pay later no credit check." Good credit is not necessary but not everyone with bad credit is approved by Progressive Leasing. It is the goal of Furniture7™ and Progressive Leasing, and third-party lenders to help consumers get the products they want.

Can I lease or purchase more than one product?

Yes, you may lease or purchase products up to the Progressive Leasing pre-approved spending limit, or any limited provided by Furniture7 or our third-lenders.

What is the pre-approved spending limit?

Your spending limit is the total amount of Furniture7™ products that you are pre-approved for purchase by Progressive Leasing or third-party lenders.

What if I exceed my limit?

Each order is processed and reviewed.  In some cases, Furniture7™ may be able to assist obtaining an increase from Progressive Leasing or your third-party lender.

I was approved for a $3000 spending limit. How much should I keep my payments at?

We encourage our customers to spend responsibly.  Typically, people who have been approved for $3000 have payments of around $100 per week.

Can I increase my spending limit?

In some cases, Furniture7™ may be able to assist in obtaining increases from Progressive Leasing or your third-party lender.

How does a lease with Progressive Leasing work?

With your Progressive Leasing lease, you are agreeing to make periodic lease payments to Progressive Leasing, either weekly payments, bi-weekly payments or monthly payments. The lease continues until you purchase the products early under either the 90 day payment option or under early buyout, or make all required lease payments for 12 months.

When can I buy the lease products?

You can buy the lease products at any time by exercising the 90 day payment option, or early buyout after 90 days.  You can also acquire the products by making all required lease payments.

What happens if I decide that I don’t want to make lease payments for the whole 12 months?

If you change your mind, call Progressive Leasing and they will offer you a discount for a fast payout by exercising an early purchase option within the first 90 days, or the buyout option after that.

Can I choose between weekly, bi-weekly and monthly periodic lease payments?

Yes, you can request periodic weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments with Progressive Leasing.

How are the products delivered?

Regular shipping of Furniture 7™ products is free. Please keep in mind that occasionally items may be on backorder which may delay shipping.

What is regular basic delivery, shipping and handling?

Regular basic delivery, shipping and handling will usually result in the delivery of Furniture 7™ products to your door. However, for large, heavy or awkward products, many deliveries may be a curbside drop off. 

Changes or cancellation for a leased product order?

Due to the Furniture7™ commitment to process orders quickly, we are not able to make changes to your order, and there is a limited period of time in which the order for your products can be canceled. Please follow Furniture7™ directions to submit a cancellation request. Please note that a request, acceptance or denial of the cancellation will be sent to the email on the order. You may cancel a product order at any time prior to Furniture7™ shipping your order.

Can I return the lease products and how to do it?

You may return most leased products to Furniture7™ for up to 15 days after delivery, provided the products have not been damaged and are in their original packing materials. There may be some exceptions for bedding, mattresses and clearance items, but those exceptions will be described in your product order.

Furniture7™ will arrange for the return but you are required to pay for regular delivery, shipping and handling costs to return the products to the manufacturer. Shipping must be paid in full by you prior to Furniture7™ picking up and accepting your returns.

Does Furniture7™ offer a Furniture Installment Sale instead of a Lease or Financing?

Yes, Furniture7™ offers a Furniture7™ Installment Sale option where you make an initial down payment, and then make 26 bi-weekly payments for a period of 52 weeks. Please proceed through the checkout process in the Furniture 7™ website, or contact us at 1-877- 776-7775 if you have any questions.

Can I cancel a Furniture7™ Installment Sale?

No, you can not cancel a Furniture7™ Installment Sale. There are no exchanges, refunds or returns except when you provide notice to Furniture7™ of damage to the furniture products from the manufacturer or due to shipping within 24 hours of the delivery of your furniture products.

Can I return a Furniture7™ Installment Sale?

Please contact Furniture7™ by phone at 1-877-7775 within twentyfour (24) hours of receiving delivery of your furniture products if there is any damage from the manufacturer or shipping.  No other returns, refunds or exchanges are permitted for furniture products sold under the Furniture7™ installment plan.

Is there a Furniture7™ warranty for installment sales?

All furniture products sold under a Furniture7™ Installment Sale are subject only to a manufacturer’s warranty.