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Furniture7™ Card Benefits Program

The Furniture7™ Card Benefits Program, if and when available, is designed to reward customers leasing furniture on their Furniture7™ Card. Refer to the Program Terms for eligibility requirements for the Furniture7™ Card Benefits Program and for other applicable terms. Terms used but not defined herein will have the meaning ascribed to such terms in the Program Terms. Eligible Furniture7™ Card cardholders have the ability to earn Points on net new purchases made on the Furniture7™ Card that can be redeemed for Rewards Dollars later. Certain products may be ineligible for earning points.

“Net New Leases” means leases of furnishing products at the Sites made by you or any Authorized User on your Account minus any returns, refunds, discounts by using Rewards Dollars, credit adjustments, or promotions, rounded to the nearest dollar. Points awarded for furnishing products that are returned may be deducted in whole or in part from your Point total. Such deductions may result in a negative Points balance, in which case, any Points you earn will be applied to reduce that balance and you will not be able to redeem Points until you again have a positive balance. Points will not be awarded for the Rewards Dollars you redeem.

Furniture7™ reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of Points earned on furnishing products or Net New Leases at any time. We may from time to time make special offers for you to earn additional Points on specific special offers and purchases. The terms and conditions for such special purchases and offers such as which purchases qualify and the number of additional Points you may earn will be disclosed at the time of offer. Please check those terms and conditions carefully, as there may be important conditions or limitations such as blackout periods, point limitations or exclusions. Availability of any special offer or purchase is subject to change without notice. Please refer to Program Terms for more information on earning points, and redeeming points for Rewards Dollars.

Furniture7™ reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of Points required to redeem Rewards Dollars. In addition, these amounts may vary by customer or by promotion. You may redeem your points for the maximum amount of Rewards Dollars for which you are eligible that are of equal or lesser value to the total cost of product and shipping at the time of leasing. The corresponding Rewards Dollars amount will display in the Order Total. The redeemed points will be deducted from Furniture7™ Card Rewards on your Account Balance. Customers can redeem points using any payment method for a purchase, including a Furniture7™ Card, if and when available.