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Prog Leasing, LLC, or Progressive Leasingis an industry-leading provider of lease-to-own purchasing for retail stores and merchants in the United States.

Curt Doman and Brent Wilson founded Progressive Leasing in 1999 after they saw a need for better customer service and options with financial leasing programs. Doman and Wilson could notice an increase in consumers being turned away for traditional lines of credit for retail purchases, or even to finance their phones. A third of the population was having persistent challenges with credit. Buy now pay later websites were not well known yet. 

They wanted to help, so they set out to create a program to give customers credit, and the retailers a means for not turning customers away. Progressive Leasing created their virtual rent-to-own program for merchants, so the offer could be available at the vendor's locations for convenience and individual quality.

Then, Progressive Leasing discovered a bigger need for a virtual lease-to-own service for those turned down for retail credit cards, loans and lines of credit. To accommodate a growing market with such needs, Progressive Leasing offered a 'NO CREDIT NEEDED' purchase program when buying retail. Therefore, customers could buy now pay later no credit check instant approval, and get what they need when they need it.

Today, Progressive Leasing programs for lease-to-own service are in over 5,500 throughout the United States, including furniture stores. With an easy application process and no credit necessary, everyone can have a lease-to-own cell phone option, and the ability to buy jewelry, high-quality furniture items, and so much more.

Progressive Leasing also has helped over 20,000 retail stores to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction through their 'NO CREDIT NEEDED' lease-to-own financing program. Then the retailers are given the ability to offer a purchase financing choice without having to present the financing themselves. This also grants the Progressive Leasing merchants the ability to save the sale for people who could not qualify for a microloan or were on the fence about their major credit purchase.

The Progressive Leasing reviews and the simple application process speak for themselves:

“Super fast and easy. Took no time at all for me to be approved on their website. So glad I waited to get items at Big Lots because I got an awesome Christmas tree and decorations! Can't wait to get more from them!”

– Marylyn Dolan on Facebook, November 10, 2017

“Have had nothing but good things to say about this company. They have allowed me to get things I normally wouldn't be able to afford. I really liked that I could get approved right on my phone before you even went to the store, then all I had to do was just go pick up my items. Would definitely recommend to others.

– Tabitha Rivas Albright on Facebook, October 22, 2017

Progressive Leasing is held by Progressive Finance Holdings, LLC. Owned before by private equity firm Summit Partners, Aaron's Inc. made the purchase for Progressive Finance Holdings for $700 million in April 2014. As of 2017, Progressive Leasing has revenues of over $1 billion a year because of their results with their successful leasing payment arrangements, and 90-day option for payment. Prog Leasing, LLC was established in October 2015 and is now in Draper, UT. What Progressive Leasing stores are available?

The company offers their virtual services from vendors such as Big Lots, Furniture7,,, Helzberg Diamonds, Atlantic Bedding and Furniture, Jordan’s Furniture, Mattress Firm, and Kay Jewelers to name a few. Cricket Wireless payment arrangements are even available for those who need a phone as soon as possible. As these stores and more are using Progressive Leasing, everyone can stop paying too much money for things they cannot afford, but need.

Not to mention there’s an app for that! Beyond their regular online Progressive Leasing application, with the click of a few buttons on any cell phone, the Progressive Leasing calculator and payment estimator gives the most important information to those who need it, when they need it.

Here are some merchants who do not yet benefit from Progressive Leasing: Best Buy, Costco, Kmart, MetroPCS, Sam’s Club, Target, Verizon Wireless and Walmart.

Furniture7 is proud to offer Progressive Leasing's virtual lease-to-own purchase financing for all your Furniture7 furniture purchases! Those who apply now for the leasing program will be able to buy the most outstanding furniture in the business! Adding Progressive Leasing to our list of direct online lenders opens the Furniture7 online 'buy now pay later' catalog to anyone! Don’t let a poor credit score stop you from purchasing the bedroom, living room, dining room and outdoor furniture, home electronics, furniture on rent and more that you need.

Thanks to the Furniture7 Progressive Leasing program, you too can get quality home furnishings with up to $3000 in-store approval! Apply for Progressive Leasing now to get the furniture on lease for all your household needs.

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